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Money Monster 2016 Free Movie Torrent

Clean torrent Money Monster 2016

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Real-time, high-stakes thriller Monster Money, George Clooney and Julia Roberts stars in the television money and doors Patty Lee, who was put in an extreme situation, because investors have lost everything they had (Jack O’Connell) force them to take over the studio. Millions live on television during the standoff, Lee and Patty furiously worked the clock to unravel the mystery of the numbers in your heart, a global technology, today a great pace.


: Matroska

Documents: HIV

: 1h 38mn

3 605 Kbps

: BluRay

Encoder ……. JYK


Video: AVC

Video: x264 core 148 r2638 7599210

2 850 Kbps

Structure: fps

1 920 pixels

804 pixels

Features: 1

Voice # 1:


755 Kbps

6 channels

Sampling KHz




SRT ………………….. Inglesa

French SRT …………………..

SRT ………………….. Spanish

SRT ………………….. Portuguese

SRT ………………….. Indonesia

Thai VOB …………………..

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One Piece Film: Gold 2016 French HD free movie download torrent

Clean torrent One Piece Film: Gold 2016

Piece Book: Brand New, this shall the cruse of Goldin, straw hat Luffy and his crew pirates to a guild of Tesoro, of gold, and the vessels of the king’s control of a casino a Gran Tesoro is the richest man in the world.

Language: English

Classification: P13

General Date: May 8, 2016

Genre: Action / Adventure Anime

Running time: 2 hours

Distributor: GSC Movies

Cast: Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Ikue Otani

Table: John Hiroaki

Format: 2D

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Inverted Image 2 full Download Torrent

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Inverted Image is a simple little application can be used to create a mirror image of the image file graficznych.Odwrócony has the ability to download directly from the camera – you have to do it yourself. When you’re ready to work, all you have to do is open the image, and then you can create a reflection lustrzane.Istnieją four buttons on the main interface inverted image that will allow you to choose which direction want to reproduce images. You can also choose Fade Out, transparency and intensity, as well as the impact fali.Odwrócony image works perfectly, but this task is not important, and most image editors allow inverting images. Another peculiarity of the inverted image is not formed without the original image. You always get the image from the original image and its odbicie.Jeśli want a free, easy way to create a mirror image, the inverted image of the work. This is a very limited use, however, and it would be useful to have a portable version.

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Hillsong: Let Hope Rise 2016 fast-dl Movie Torrent Download

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Hillsong Let Hope Rise should be impressive and unlikely to increase in the importance of Christian-based groups Australia, Hillsong United. Directed by Michael John Warren, the film follows the group as they work to record his next album and explores the history of Hillsong Church, a 30-year path of a small church on the outskirts of Sydney to the bustling international service. The film ends with the concert promotion transformative experiences humble heart for this feeling in the world.

Capturing energy on stage and off stage heart of Australia-based Hillsong United Hillsong – let HOPE RISE is a new kind of religious experience cinema. The film explores Hillsongs humble beginnings and amazing growth in prominence as an international church, whose songs sung every Sunday for more than 50 million people worldwide.

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My Family Tree 6 Windows 7/8/10 Free Download Torrent

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Before applying a small but powerful to enable the creation and import and edit family tree and show pictures and easy download the family tree I always Website from us, you can just press full.

Operational data to add photos of family members, name and surname, date of birth and death, if necessary, add a review. At the end of the process, you can export to a tree and share it with your friends.

Among the advantages of the family tree my includes support for data vizualizaytsii use time scrolling support on the internet, you can protect your data with a password, if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen with a slide show in the plant family files can to save and then edit, you can add links to research (eg, acquaintances or relatives if they related documents, of course), you can keep track of how your family moved to the area to use the service of Google Earth.

Generally, my family tree I liked, easy to handle program interface attractive to the rich, not money you have, you only need to install NET Framework, I think in the modern would be no problem.

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Viral 2016 evil dog movie download torrent

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Viral When virus cases almost all of humanity, a young woman named Stacey and her family to eliminate were kept in quarantine. Stacey record daily life in quarantine and their families trying to protect his sister, who simultaneously infected.

Language: Bahasa Inggeris

Classification: NA

Public Release Date: September 15, 2016

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Duration: No

Sales: GSC Movies

Actor: Sofia Black-Delia, Analeigh Tipton, Travis Tope, Ariel Schulman

Director: Henry Joost

Format: 2D

Author David Irving (Timothy Spall) has a legal battle against history Deborah E. Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz), after they accused him of denying the Holocaust.

Deborah E. Lipstadt famous writer and historian has actually happened to the truth of the story in the fight against the Holocaust, David Irving, a known deniers accuse to prove him for defamation. Based on the famous book “Put to the Test: My Day in Court with a Holocaust denier” (won Rachel Weisz Oscar) the report Denial Deborah E. Lipstadt in a lawsuit against the historical truth of David Irving (Cannes Prize winner Timothy Spall), accusing him of slander because he said his Holocaust denier. In the legal system of England, the burden of proof on the defendant, so it’s Lipstadt and her team actually legally important to prove how the Holocaust occurred. Even with two-time Oscar-nominee Tom Wilkinson, the film directed by Emmy Award winner Mick Jackson ( “Temple Grandin”) and for the screen by Academy Award nominated BAFTA and author David Hare (VOICE) adjusted. Gary Foster and Russ Krasnoff manufacturer.

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Independence Day: Resurgence 2016 fast-dl download full movie torrent

Clean torrent Independence Day: Resurgence 2016


ID NO: 1

Format: MPEG

Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec

Format profile: / * * /

Formatting settings, CABAC: None

Formatting settings, reframes: 1 frame

Codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Duration: 1h 59mn

Width: 1920 pixels

Height: 1080 pixels

Screen Aspect Ratio: 16: 9

Frame mode: Variable

Frame rate: (30000/1001) FPS

Color Space: IUDs

Colorimetri: 4: 2: 0

bit depth: 8 bits

Scan Type: House



Default: Yes

Forced: None


ID NO: 2


Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec

Profile Format: LK

Codec ID: A_AAC

Duration: 1h 59mn

Channel (s): 2 channels

Channel positions: Front: LR

Sampling kHz

Frame rate: FPS (SPF 1024)

Compression: Lossy



Default: Yes

Yes forced


Information about the film:

of 46 593

. :::::: :: .. .. .. .. .. [

Screen shots:

We always knew that back. After the film Independence Day event in the new genre, the next chapter epic spectacle unimaginable global scale. Using alien technology recovered, the nations of the earth have been working on a major program of Defense to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare you for advanced aliens and unprecedented power. Only the genius of the brave men and women can bring a bit of our world to the brink of extinction.



Movie Title: Independence Day: Re (2016)

Director: Roland Emmerich

Stars: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman

Date: 24 April 2016 (USA)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Format: Matroska (MKV)

Size: 900MB

Resolution: 1920×1080

Duration: 1:59:11


Text: HC Subs KoreanOther here

Encoder: MkvCage (Mc) Team


-: MediaInfo –

-: Screenshots: –

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